4 Aides Of Spanish Dictator, Franco Face Extradition

Channels Television  
Updated September 19, 2013

An Argentine judge has ordered the arrest of four Spanish citizens for extradition in connection to an investigation into crimes under the government of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

The judge, Maria Servini de Cubria, issued the ruling in order to get a recorded statement from those accused – former brigade inspector and Franco’s bodyguard, Celso Galvan Abascal; former National Police Commissioner and brigade member, Jose Ignacio Giralte Gonzalez; captain of the Civil Guard, Jesus Munecas Aguilar; and police officer, Juan Antonio Gonzalez Pacheco.

The four men are accused of torture during the 1939-1975 Franco years.

Family members of some of those who suffered under the Franco regime celebrated the decision in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

The lawyer representing the families who made the claims against the former Spanish authorities, Carlos Slepoy, said the decision was an important step in ending impunity for members of the Franco government in a bit of, ‘what goes around, comes around’ style of justice.

Adriana Fernandez, who says her grandfather, Antonio Fernandez Gonzalez, suffered under the hands of the men, said she wanted Spain to take responsibility for the crimes committed under Franco.

“The memory of people doesn’t go away just because they want to muzzle us. I had no idea, not the slightest idea about what my grandpa went through. My dad didn’t know either, but he said something to me that had to be looked into and I found it. That is why, as a representative of the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, I demand that Spain takes responsibility for those killed,” Fernandez said.

The case was first brought to an Argentine court in 2010 with the objective of investigating “genocide and human rights crimes” committed under the Franco regime.

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