How Unknown Policemen Killed Two Residents Of Oshodi

Channels Television  
Updated October 9, 2013

Two male residents of the Mafoloku area of Oshodi in Lagos were allegedly shot dead on Sunday, 6th of October by men of the Nigeria Police, who are yet to be identified.

In a report by Channels Television, it was revealed the 31 year old Ganiyu who was watching a football game was shot dead while attempting to enter the bar where a match was being watched by other residents and football fans.

An eyewitness, Abdulwaheed Okeowo who witnessed the incident, revealed that one of two policemen who sat in the back of the patrol van allegedly shot his gun and Rafiu was hit in the left side of his chest.

However, in an earlier encounter, the other victim identified as Rafiu Adeniji, had been shot by policemen after an altercation involving a commercial bus driver whose vehicle had been hit.

Unfortunately, Mr Rafiu’s six year old daughter, Mariam had witnessed the killing of her father as she was in the car.

Rafiu was allegedly killed after a confrontation with the policemen over an accident that happened along the Mangoro end of Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway. Ms. Adeniji said “My daddy was driving home when someone hit his car.”

An account by another eyewitness stated that a white police patrol vehicle with the inscription, OPS Attack, was chasing a commercial bus which Adeniji allowed to pass.

“We continued on our journey but after a while, we found ourselves behind the same bus. Suddenly, the driver of the bus applied his brake.” Unfortunately for Adeniji, he couldn’t stop his car fast enough as his vehicle was said to have hit the bus from behind.

An argument was said to have ensued between the bus driver and Adeniji after the motorist demanded payment for the repair of the bus. The deceased allegedly told the bus driver to blame the policemen for causing the accident. “The policemen were parked on the side of the road and when Rafiu approached them to discuss what had happened, one of them alighted and was alledged to have shot him in the chest before fleeing.

Mr Adeniji was reportedly pronounced dead at two separate hospitals after which residents in the area protested and planned to burn down the station, this allegation was according to a top official of the Makinde Police station in Oshodi.

This led to the Police Division calling for reinforcements.

However, the invited policemen reportedly began shooting sporadically into the air which led to Ganiyu’s death.

A resident, Adebayo Bamgbose who was with Ganiyu when he was hit by a stray bullet, told Channels Television that the two of them were about stepping into the aforementioned bar when he was hit by a bullet.

He said that there was no uproar in the area, adding that the policemen kept on shooting even after Ganiyu fell down.