Coroner Orders Inquest Into Oshodi Extra Judicial Killings

Channels Television  
Updated October 15, 2013

The chief coroner of Lagos state, Justice Lateefa Okunnu, has ordered a coroner inquest into the killings of Rafiu Adeniji and Ganiyu Adedoyin who were killed by unidentified policemen on the sixth of October 2013, in Oshodi.

On visiting Oshodi area where one of the two men was killed by an unidentified policeman’s stray bullet, Channels Television’s correspondent, Seun Okinbaloye, discovered a link in the two deaths which the police said they are investigating.

It was revealed that the 31 year old Ganiyu who was watching a football game was shot dead while attempting to enter the bar where a match was being watched by other residents and football fans.

However, Rafiu was allegedly killed after a confrontation with the policemen over an accident that happened along the Mangoro end of Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway. Ms. Adeniji said “My daddy was driving home when someone hit his car.”

A resident, Adebayo Bamgbose who was with Ganiyu when he was hit by a stray bullet, disclosed that the two of them were about stepping into a bar, to watch football, when he was hit by a bullet.

Meanwhile, human rights groups have also begun to ask questions on the identity of the policemen responsible in the deaths. In the past few months, Amnesty international has accused Nigerian police force of several extra judicial killings which led to the death of hundreds which the human rights group claimed have gone un-probed.