Muslim Clerics Say Religion Should Be Priority During National Dialogue

Channels Television  
Updated October 15, 2013

Muslim clerics have called on the government to foster frank and unbiased discussions at the proposed national conference to put an end to the lingering security crisis in the nation.

The clerics who declared their support for the conference maintained that the issue of religious tolerance should be given utmost priority to resolve the growing conflicts and terrorist attacks that have claimed thousands of lives across the country.

Although the main theme of the Sallah celebration is ‘share and be thankful,’ many challenges bedeviling the nation as a result of religious intolerance have continued to take centre-stage.

During a visit to some places of worship, the Muslim clerics and faithful agreed that rival ethnic and religious commuinities have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of killings across the federation. Hence, the proposed sovereign national conference is the right step to tackling the problem.

Chief Imam of the Ansarul Islam mosque, Ibrahim Usman, as well as Muslim faithful, Demola Abdusallam, made this known to our correspondent, Gloria Ume Ezeoke.

However, a cleric (Chairman, Ansarul Islam, Moshood Oyeleke) and faithful (Mohammed Yusuf) questioned the sincerity of the nation’s leadership, positing that if all is well, we would not need a natoinal conference.