Sovereign National Conference is What Nigeria Needs – Analyst

Channels Television  
Updated October 16, 2013

The executive secretary of the Civil Liberties Organization of Nigeria, Ezike Ibuchukwu on Wednesday said that what Nigeria needs at this time is a Sovereign National Conference and not a National Dialogue.

He explained that giving the room for a Sovereign National conference will enable freedom of speech, adding that there would be no talks about the National Assembly.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Ibuchukwu asked if the resources used to converge for the national dialogue has been passed by the National Assembly and would like to know where the funds would be gotten.

He said that the committee set up by President Jonathan is to advise him on how to go about the national dialogue and not a committee set up for the dialogue and its only when the committee gets back to the president before he can address Nigerians.

Speaking ahead of the 2015 elections, he said politicians are already making embarrassing statements that will heat up the country and cause violation of human rights which isn’t good for the development of Nigeria.