Channels Book Club Visits Jahn Library for African Literatures In Germany

Channels Television  
Updated October 23, 2013

Between August and September, 2013, the Channels Book Club organised a national book review and essay contest for students in secondary schools in Nigeria. It was tagged the Channels Book Club Prize for Literature.

The best three contestants: 15 year old Eniola Oladipo who came first; 12 year old Orna Charles – Obazei who came second and 14 years old Godsfavour Nna who came third, all earned a sponsored trip to the 2013 Frankfurt book fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

The competition was supported by Lufthansa German airline, Laterna books and Goethe institute. The trip to Germany was an incredible and unforgettable one for the girls.

Apart from the book fair, the girls visited a few other exciting destinations in and around Frankfurt.

On this edition of the programme, we featured the visit to Jahn Library for African Literatures at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, which was made during the trip to Germany.

Mainz, a historically important city in Germany is also the city of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press.

The Channels Television entourage met the library’s director, Dr Anja Oed, who gave a tour.