National Conference Is Ill Timed – Kwara Speaker

Channels Television  
Updated October 30, 2013

Speaker of the Kwara House of Assembly, Mister Rasak Atunwa believes that the timing for the National Conference initiated by President Goodluck Jonathan is wrong.

Speaking in Ilorin on Wednesday, the speaker observed that since the conference may not end before the next election in 2015, it therefore could not be justified.

“To have a National Conference, to sit to have a dialogue about the country when you’re moving towards a time where ideologies will be battling ideologies, pragmatism will battle pragmatism, my party will battle your party at the state level at the federal level, is ill conceived”

“What is to happen when we enter a conference of National Dialogue as different political parties, different ideas, different ethnicity and we come out, and the next minute we are attacking each other, jostling for position?”

“So for me, coming at the tail end of 2013, it is ill timed.”

His comment is coming days after the Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole also expressed some misgivings against the proposed national conference.