New APC Member Governors Are In For A Surprise – Odidika

Channels Television  
Updated November 27, 2013

A legal practitioner, Kenneth Odidika, on Wednesday said that members of the G7 who crossed over to the APC are in for a surprise as they would not have as much freedom as they did while in the PDP.

While speaking on Sunrise Daily, Odidika said that the cross over from the PDP to APC was because their demands for protection from prosecution was not met by the PDP leadership.

As well as a way of positioning themselves for power come 2015 but he warned that “by the time they get there, they will find out that what they thought was, isn’t.” According to him, “these people who moved into APC are going to learn some lessons because they are dealing with a master, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


He added that “in PDP you are allowed a lot of latitude, which doesn’t exist in a Tinubu party, whether ACN or APC.”

Odidika also stressed that cross-carpeting makes no difference in the polity as all parties are the same. The political parties do not have any ideology as their sole target is to fill their pockets with State funds and satisfy their desire to stay in power.

Members of the G7 that joined the APC on Tuesday had been labelled thieves and rogues over the years by the same party but have now become saints by virtue of joining the opposition. “The politics being played in Nigeria has nothing to do with the interest of the average Nigerian,” he said adding that “I’m not surprised they left and I won’t be surprised if they go back.”

Commenting on Governor Aliyu Babangida’s insistence that he is still a member of the PDP, Odidika said that the governor has always been vocal about his willingness to negotiate with the leadership of the PDP.
Odidika added that the actions of the governors who are currently serving their last term are in a bid to protect themselves from the possibility of being held accountable for crimes committed while in office.

“When immunity is removed, EFCC or other agencies could come after them so their problem is how to get protected having committed crimes in the past 8 years,” he said.
Speaking about the legality of retaining their position after cross-carpeting, Odidika explained that “provision of the constitution regarding cross-carpeting does not apply to the Executive arm which includes the President, Vice President, Governors or deputy Governors.