My Background Didn’t Get Me Here, I Earned It – Eku Edewor

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Updated January 12, 2014

This episode of Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television plays host to Presenter, Model, Eku Edewor, as she shares with us her exciting world of film, TV and modelling.

The presenter of Pepsi Music countdown show on AIT and Studio 53 Extra on Mnet, was happy to declare that the year 2013 was indeed a good one for her career, with the release of ‘Flower Girl’, her first major feature in a movie and her grand entry into stage drama.

The ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ finalist said that with the successes she has experienced in other areas of entertainment, she does not miss modelling, although she spared some minutes to share her experience on the British show.

Speaking about her recent tilt towards stage drama, Edewor said that having studied Theatre in the University; she had always wanted to go back into acting. So when the opportunity came via a contact she made on the set of romantic comedy movie, Flower Girl, she could not resist it.

Although, she admitted that the drama raised reservations from its audiences and shocked some people, due to the explicit language freely used, she was happy that the response was generally good and it turned out to be a great launch pad for her acting career on stage.

Edewor who is more prominent for her TV shows noted that TV Presenting was a hidden talent she did not realize she had until she had to audition for a job she really needed and her journey into Television started.

Of course she spoke about her rumoured rivalry with Studio 53 Extra former co-presenter, Dolapo Oni.

She claimed that there was never a time she fought with Dolapo and that they had real bonding while they worked together, but since they both had different activities they were involved with, in pursuit of their dreams, they drifted apart.

She noted that she did not go into the Television business thinking she was competing with Dolapo or anyone else, as they have different careers and create different opportunities for themselves.

The obviously confident lady also said that she did not think about anyone being a threat to her TV career as she had never been one to compare hers with anyone’s race, “I’m on my lane” she added.

She shared with Ebuka many more moments of her career, especially the article published by British High Society magazine, Tatler, which featured her alongside her twin sister. The article generated controversies but she cleared the air.

Although, Ms Edewor is from a privileged background, she noted that this has had no part to play in her quick rise, as the Entertainment Industry is a level playing ground.

She noted, “My background really didn’t play a role when I came into the industry, I earned it.”

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