National Conference: Delegates Should Be Elected Not Chosen – Ashiru

Channels Television  
Updated February 5, 2014

A Political Scientist, Dele Ashiru, has criticised the planned selection of delegates to represent Nigerians at the proposed National Conference, insisting that it should be by “election”.

He said that his opinion was informed by the fact that the same people who had put Nigeria in its current position would be selected, if the delegation would be based on selection.

“The delegates should be elected from a list of persons put together as an electoral college,  made of a group of stakeholders and elder statesmen that have impacted the nation,” he emphasised.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Ashiru stressed that “the composition of the conference seem to under estimate what the conference is supposed to do”. He said that the conference world present a great opportunity for Nigerians to handle and address issues, but insisted that “recycling people that have put the nation into the situation it is” should not be allowed.

Mr. Ashiru further pointed out the need to ensure that at least 50% of people that would be in the conference had the mandate of a group of Nigerians.

He insisted that those going for the conference should get the mandate of Nigerians, as the final document from the conference would be aggregated into the constitution.