Canada Advocates Increased Global Effort In Fight Against Terror

Channels Television  
Updated February 18, 2014

The Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Perry Calderwood, today called on the international community not to relent on their fight against terrorism, even if it is localized in some parts of the world.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Channels Television’s Foreign Affairs correspondent, Amarachi Ubani in Lagos, Mr Calderwood said the joint effort will provide a multifaceted approach, so the insurgency never gets the upper hand to rubbish any country’s image.

He further noted that Canada has supported Nigeria in this regard and will continue to do so.

In his words “Canada believes that the international community has to work together to combat terrorism” adding that “it is not a unique phenomenon to Nigeria; many countries are also affected, Canadians have been victims to terrorist attacks” he said.

Speaking further, Mr Calderwood revealed that “we (Canada) have identified ways we can support Nigeria. We have provided training in terms of terrorist prevention techniques, investigation techniques to the security services of Nigeria” adding that “Canada (has) also listed Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation”.

He added that the Canadian government will dialogue with the Nigerian government to identify ways where they can be supportive.