Channels Book Club Features African Writers, Critic

Channels Television  
Updated February 27, 2014

This edition of Channels Book Club features interviews with two respected writers and literary critic, Doreen Baingana and Ikhide Ikheloa.

Doreen Baingana is perhaps the most celebrated short story writer in Uganda. Her book, Tropical Fish, won the 2006 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, for the Best First Book in Africa, and an AWP Short Fiction Award.

Doreen shared her thoughts on her works, as well as Ugandan and Nigerian literature.

Ikhide Ikheloa is a respected literary critic and blogger who writes non-stop on various online media. His works have been published severally in books, journals and online magazines. He was a columnist with Next Newspapers and the Daily Times of Nigeria where he offered unsolicited opinions on any and everything to do with literature and the world.

Ikhide currently resides in the USA and he refuses to write a book because he insists that the book is dying a long slow death.