Face Off: Legal Practitioners Debate Legality of Sanusi’s Suspension

Channels Television  
Updated February 27, 2014

It was mixed reactions when when the news broke that the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has been suspended by the President.

Since then, many schools of thought have risen discussing either how wrong the president is or how correct he is. They all seem to subtly agree that something had to be done about his action but the “how” has been the main concern.

The president is the Chief custodian of the laws of the land. Is he given room to interprete these laws for himself? Can he act within the confines of that interpretation? Would he have erred after taking such an action?

On this edition of Face Off, two legal practitioners- Chuks Nwachukwu and Olufemi Ibiayo- debate on the provisions of the Central Bank Act which President Jonathan acted upon.

While Mr Nwachukwu supported the action of the president based on the “words of the CBN Act and the theories of constitutionalism and presidentialism supports the (action of the) president”, Mr Ibiayo maintains that the president’s action “most likelyy didn’t comply with the provisions of the constitution or relevant provisions of the CBN Act”.

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