University Of Maiduguri Debunks Rumours Of Attack

Channels Television  
Updated March 14, 2014

University of MaiduguriThe University of Maiduguri has dismissed rumours that the institution was attacked by insurgents on Friday, saying the bomb blasts heard by students were from Giwa Barracks near the institution.

Earlier report says students of the institution, alarmed by the loud explosions, thought their school was under attack, but the school authorities said the insurgents did not come anywhere near the institution.

The Chief Information Officer of the University, Mr Mohammed Ahmed, said that the heavy security presence around the university prevented the insurgents from gaining access into the university.

“There isn’t any attack on the university by the insurgents. Anybody conversant with the terrine of the university and the barracks, will understand that it is the sound of the reverberation of the bombs in the barracks that was heard by students of the university who thought it was in the university.

“There is no bomb anywhere in the university.

“Prior to the attack the university has been surrounded by security operatives. The university has never had any problems with the insurgents.

“The students have been notified not to panic and to remain within the university hostels. Those that have come for classes have been advised to remain within the campus. Those within the four walls of the university are very, very safe,” Mr Ahmed said.

The spokesman for the military, Major General Chris Olukolade, said that the attack on a military barrack in Maiduguri by insurgents trying to free their colleagues held in detention was repelled by the military with many casualties recorded on the part of the terrorists.