FRSC “Yellow School Bus” Directive Adds No Value To Education – School Owner

Channels Television  
Updated March 28, 2014

school busA directive by the Federal Road Safety Corp, mandating all schools to paint their buses in a uniform colour – yellow, has drawn criticisms from concerned school owners, who have argued that the directive does not add value to education.

A concerned school owner, who pleaded anonymity, told Channels Television via a telephone interview that the directive “has been a lot of challenge to the school owners.”

She argued that the new directive would tamper with the individual identities of the institutions, stressing that “each school has its identity”.

The FRSC had backed its directive with the argument that the new system would give protection to the children on the buses. However, the school owner questioned the logic and maintained that a special training be conducted for school bus drivers instead.

“To us, there’s no way a uniform colour would add value to the education we are trying to pass across to this students,” she insisted.

She also mentioned that the directive would cost the schools a lot of money which should be invested for better education, for the students. “Rather than spend this money on painting buses, why don’t we plough the money back into the schools, into the laboratories, to give value to the students”.

She further disclosed that the Agency had set a deadline of March 31 after which buses would be impounded and would not be released until they are painted yellow.

However, a statement by the Commission, which was sent to Channels Television, read that “there would be a subtle enforcement which would commence by the end of April.”

The Commission also said that the enforcement “would exclude impoundment of school bus(es) or discharging pupils from the bus(es).”