The National Conference Captures The Majority – Tony Uranta

Channels Television  
Updated April 6, 2014

Dateline UrantaThe fireworks have begun as delegates for the National Conference assembled in Abuja to discuss the future of the country.

The National Conference appears to be a fresh opportunity for Nigerians to take ownership of the governance structures and indeed, the nation.

Several groups have, however, raised contentious issues and on this edition of Dateline Abuja, we had a discussion with a member of the presidential advisory council on national dialogue, Mr Tony Uranta, who spoke about some of the initial issues that have emerged from the conference.

Many Nigerians have also continued to react to the composition of the National Conference, with some insisting that it’s unfairly weighed against the young people of Nigeria. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Odien Ajumogbobia, shares his views in this regard.

There is also a report from our trip to Jankanwa community in Karu Local Government Area in Nasarawa State, where they had an election for the local government chairmen and councillors. We went to find out what expectations the people hold for those they were electing and would elect.

The needs of the people in this local government are numerous and they say that there is enough revenue generated to work the talk of anyone in charge that is besides the allocation that should come from government monthly.

They also say that good works just like success has many friends and their weight would be thrown behind anyone that gives the people what they need.

Enjoy the video.