Lagos To Drive Major Sectors Of The Economy With Power – Salami

Channels Television  
Updated April 8, 2014

dr. salamiAn Economist, Dr. Doyin Salami, says that the Lagos Economic Summit is centered around power infrastructure and how power can be used to drive the major sectors of the economy.

Dr. Salami, who is a delegated at the Lagos Economic Summit, said that the Centre for Competitiveness and Strategy of  Lagos Business School was partnering with the Lagos State government on competitiveness and strategy and would also look at areas where there might be competitiveness concerns in order to address them.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Dr. Salami explained that the key mandate of the centre was focused on ensuring adequate competitiveness of firms, businesses in different part of the state affected positively or negatively by the state’s policies or actions. 

“We are interested on how companies react to government policies and their environment to ensure that they remain competitive,” Dr Samali also pointed out.

He said that the summit came into existence in 1999 with the inception of the civilian administration and a means to interact and dialogue with the private sector.

“Lagos has recorded a huge success in terms of business competition,” he said.

He further noted that the summit offers an opportunity for accountability, stating that at the beginning of the summit there is a review of the last summit that was held to evaluated the level of the implementation and the challenges surrounding implementation.

“There is a kind of a feedback loop and it is a strategy that helps in ensuring that the summit makes the needed impact,” he said.