Jordan targets vehicles crossing from Syria

Channels Television  
Updated April 16, 2014

JordanJordanian warplanes have targeted and destroyed several vehicles trying to cross the border from Syria.

A statement from the military says the “camouflaged” vehicles tried to enter from a rugged area. When warning shots were ignored, the fighter jets opened fire.

Syrian state media cited the army as saying it was not linked to them.

A Jordanian security source told the media that the vehicles were thought to have been driven by Syrian rebels.

Spokesman Mohammed Al-Momani said the government was increasingly worried about “cases of infiltration” and “reports that armed groups are close to the border and the absence of security there”.

The kingdom sees the many hardline Islamist and Jihadist rebels fighting in Syria as a domestic security threat, and has boosted security along the 370km border to prevent them entering.