FG Says Nyako’s Statement On Insecurity Is Irresponsible

Channels Television  
Updated April 23, 2014

GThe Nigerian government has lashed out at the Governor of Adamawa State on his recent utterances over the security situation in the country, describing Murtala Nyako’s statement as irresponsible and designed to incite the Nigerian people against the Federal Government.

Mr Nyako had written to the Northern States Governors Forum, accusing the Federal Government of carrying out genocide against Nigeria’s northern states.

Responding to questions from reporters on the latest development in the country on Wednesday, the Minister of Information, Mr Labarn Maku, said that the security forces were still on the heels of those who kidnapped Nigerian students in Chibok in Bornu state and that every effort has been deployed to rescue them.

Mr Maku stressed that the fight against terror should be fought on a united front, advising Nigerians to desist from making statements that could divide the country.

“Politics aside, when people reach a certain age, they should tamper their utterances.

“Younger people like you and me may say certain things out of lack of experience.

“But for people that have known the difficulty that Nigeria is going through and the kind of effort by the Federal Government is making to come out and make such statement that divide the country, even at a point that we need national unity and healing, is grossly irresponsible,” Mr Maku said.

Mr Nyako had alleged that President Jonathan had no exit strategy to the problem of insurgency, and was complicit in the attack by various armed groups on various communities in Northern Nigeria.

He also accused the Jonathan administration of being responsible for the wanton destruction of lives and properties and kidnapping of school children in the north-east.

The Presidency had described Mr Nyako’s action as an open endorsement of the Boko Haram insurgency, saying that “the content of Nyako’s letter exposed him as lacking a sense of history as well as incapable of rising above parochial sentiments”.

“The letter was extremely divisive and intentionally meant to incite one section of the country against the other.

“Nyako’s action is a pathetic embarrassment to the Nigerian military, from where he derives his career antecedents,” a spokesman for the presidency,  Mr Doyin Okupe, said.

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