Workers Gather At Eagles Square Abuja For Rally

Channels Television  
Updated May 1, 2014

nlcThe workers day rally in Abuja may not witness the usual pump that is associated with the day.

At about 10am only a few workers were  at the Eagles Square for the rally that goes with the day.

Some of the Union Leaders who spoke to Channels Television blamed the situation on insecurity in the land.

One of the officers used the public address system to plead with the workers who were outside the Eagle’s Square to get into the center stage for the rally, a plea that only a few workers adhered to.

Among the groups that came in on time was the Drivers’ Union otherwise known as the National Union of Road Transport Workers, followed by the Vice President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Issa Aremu

Also, the Minister of Labour, Emeka Wogu had been at the Eagles Square very early trying hard to ensure that things are in order.