Aviation This Week: Managing Weather Information For Travellers’ Safety

Channels Television  
Updated May 20, 2014

Weather-measurementAviation is greatly affected by weather more than any other mode of transportation. From rain and thunder storms to wind and fog.

Every phase of flight has the potential to be impacted by weather.

Commercial aviation in Nigeria is adversely affected and the cost of flight delays and cancellations is a significant budget item.

To enhance safety while attempting to maintain flight schedule integrity and profitability, airline is dependent upon accurate weather information.

Ensuring that this weather information is not only timely but efficiently managed is a subject of the discussion in this episode of ‘Aviation This Week’.

Experts collect scientific figures to tell when rain will fall or when there will be thunderstorm.

According to the Head, Aeronautical Meteorology NIMET, Domnic Eyo, before a pilot takes off, regulatory rule requires that such a pilot should visit the NIMET briefing room to obtain information on the weather situation, on the aerodrome of departure, en-route and the destination aerodrome.

These parameter measurements come with specific equipment used in determining the weather.