Debate On Grazing Ground For Herdsmen Divides National Conference  

Channels Television  
Updated May 21, 2014

National-Conference-delegatesA proposal to amend laws guiding the funding and maintenance of grazing ground for herdsmen resulted in debate that left delegates at the National conference divided on Wednesday.

The proposed amendment, if accepted, will place the responsibility of funding grazing ground on the government of the state where the grazing ground is located.

The proposal led to confrontation with loud disagreements between delegates, just as the conference began consideration of the report of the Committee on Citizenship, Immigration and Related Matters.

In the bid to ensure the issue did not lead to further rowdiness, the leadership of the conference put-off voting on the issue and hurriedly adjourned for the day.

The disagreement is coming after a one-day-break given to enable delegates study reports of some of the committees that are to be considered.

Work on the reports began on Wednesday with the consideration of the report of the Committee on Citizenship, Immigration and Related Matters.

The morning session went without any hitch as delegates had indicated interest in contributing to the report.

After debates on some issues, delegates adjourned for a break.

When the deliberations resumed, the chairman, Justice Idris Kutigi, started by stressing that “the conference has nothing to do with reports of tenure elongation”.

After his comments, the delegates continued deliberations on the report of the Citizenship, Immigration and Related Matters, considering the different amendments proposed.

But the proposal to amend the law guiding the funding of grazing ground turned the mood in the house around.

Several delegates were not comfortable with the proposal while some insisted that “the state where the grazing ground is located should fund the project”.

The conference room became tensed, as delegates continued to argue over the right decision.

In a bid to control the situation, Justice Kutigi quickly adjourned for the day.

It is not clear what effect this confrontation will have in the days ahead as the delegates consider more contentious issues.