Technology Making Tremendous Impact On Air Travel

Channels Television  
Updated June 8, 2014

air_travelThe world of the modern Airlines is not the most convenience of places. In fact the airport can be nothing short of a busy-body shop sometimes, but thanks to innovative minds all over the globe, airline travel is changing rapidly due to technological advances.

How this change is impacting on air travel is the focus of this edition of Aviation This Week.

In an interview, the Managing Director of Treavern Travels, Ifie Ezenwa-Ugwoke, said the issue of airline and travel agency business was following the global trend and virtually everything, 100 per cent, had shifted with the aid of technology.

One of such issues was the use of paper ticket which was causing a whole lot of problems.

“If you misplace your ticket, it could take you another six months to resolve the issue,” she said.

That challenge was resolved six years ago when airliners started e-ticketing in Nigeria.

Ezenwa-Ugwoke said that people are fighting the issue of technology because they do not understand.

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