Charles Taylor Asks To Serve Term In Rwanda

Channels Television  
Updated June 19, 2014

Charle taylorFormer Liberian President, Charles Taylor, has asked to serve his war crimes sentence in Rwanda, noting that serving the jail term in the UK will deprive him of his human rights.

An Act of Parliament was passed to allow Taylor to serve his sentence in the UK following Taylor’s sentencing in 2012.

Advocating his case, Taylor’s lawyer, John Jones noted that Taylor’s wife and his children have been unable to visit him in the country, since his arrest.

He stated that “what we are saying is the UK has a duty to ensure family life, not just for him but for his family.

“It is a clear duty under international law and English domestic law”, he said, pointing out that, the UK would save money if Taylor was transferred to his home country.

“He is not suing the British Government, he is not seeking damages from the UK and, on the contrary, for the UK taxpayer it would be much, much cheaper if he were to serve his sentence in Rwanda with all the other prisoners from the special court,” he said.

Mr Jones said visas have not been granted to members of Taylor’s family as immigration officials were “not satisfied that they are going to return to Liberia after their visit to see him, which was ridiculous”. He emphasised.

Charles Taylor is to serve 50 years in prison, after being found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in April 2012.