Liberia Locates All 17 Runaway Ebola Patients

Channels Television  
Updated August 19, 2014

Ebola patient Held By health workers Liberia said that it has found all 17 suspected Ebola patients who fled a quarantine centre in Monrovia at the weekend and transferred them to another clinic.

“We are glad to confirm that all of the 17 individuals have been accounted for and have now been transferred to JFK Ebola specialist treatment centre,” the Liberian information minister, Lewis Brown, said on  Tuesday .

He also said that three infected African doctors who had received the experimental Ebola drug Zmapp were showing “remarkable signs of improvement”, quoting an assessment by the doctor overseeing their treatment.

The 17 went missing after the treatment facility was attacked and looted by a gang, who themselves may be at risk from some of the items they stole.