Three Injured In Minna Rally Pavilion Collapse – TAN

Channels Television  
Updated September 14, 2014

Udenta Udenta. The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria has confirmed that only three people were injured when a pavilion collapsed at its zonal rally which took place in Minna, Niger State.

The non-governmental organisation’s Director of Communication and Strategy, Udenta Udenta, said the fourth zonal rally was a success despite the incident.

He said the pavilion, where top government officials were seated, collapsed owing to the extra weight put on it by aides of some of the dignitaries at the event.

Mr Udenta told reporters that “it was in the spirit of the moment, that the ‘surging crowd’, in their thousands, which everybody witnessed on live television, some of the aides of these important dignitaries held on to the rails of the structures”.

“Despite repeated announcements that they should leave the place, to allow the dignitaries safe space, because we have enough security on ground to protect the people who came there .

But the culture of protecting their boss which by far outways other security considerations, it is in that extra weight that caused that particular single pavilion, out of about three or four already set out, to cave-in a little bit,” he said.