Security Experts Insist Seized $9.3m Not Enough For Arms Purchase

Channels Television  
Updated October 11, 2014

security expertSecurity Expert, Capt. Umar Aliyu has said that the $9.3m that was supposed to be used to purchase equipment and infrastructure for the Nigerian Soldiers cannot purchase any weapon asides “cutlasses”.

He said the fact that the money was impounded in South Africa created the “suspicion that its for money laundering than the purpose of purchasing weapons because they are very expensive”.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Saturday Sunrise, Capt. Aliyu stated that one armored personnel carrier was more than the amount that was seized and could not that the amount could only buy the AK 47 which was already in used.

Giving a background, Capt. Aliyu explained that since 2009, about 11 billion Naira had been used in arms purchase. “That has gotten us no effect yet. Convert $9.3m to Naira which is less than two billion Naira, what exactly do u want to do with two billion that 11 billion did not do.

He insisted that the money is not enough to purchase arms.

A Security Expert, Dare Ogunlana, said that $9.3 that was impounded in South Africa did not have any document backing it. He said that it was only the second $5.7b that had document backing the purchase of equipment.

The security expert, also insisted that the money use for the procurement of these arms aren’t enough.