TY Bello Welcomes Twin Boys

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Updated October 13, 2014

TY BelloCelebrity photographer, TY Bello has welcomed a set of twin boys.

The former KUSH singer, who released a brand new album, Morning Song Book, on October 10, reportedly gave birth the same day.

On her website, where the album was posted for free download, TY Bello wrote:

“Today’s date is really interesting in so many ways it speaks of complete cycles. Perfection. Double 7+7=14 …Two complete cycles…Doubly perfect!

“In 2009 I hit this beautiful season where I would write music to God as my morning devotion. It was a unique time of discovery and I felt it was a beautiful way to give of myself…Open and sincere…It wasn’t long that I realised that I was receiving way more than I was giving.

“Every beautiful exchange with God always leaves us with more. I was also humbled when I got this heartfelt assurance that He thought the songs were perfect. Perfect?? If you’ve ever written music you would know that “perfect” is the one thing that simply evades.

“Well, it’s taken a number of years to make…Here it is. My gift to God…His to me. And yours for free for as long as I can keep it so, let me know how it did. On a perfect day.
Please feel free to share!”

She took delivery of her boys in the United States.

TY-Bello TwinsThe boys are said to be named Christopher and Christian.