Funke Akindele, Stephanie Linus’ New Reality TV Shows In The Works

Channels Television  
Updated October 20, 2014

Funke Akindele -Stephanie LinusNollywood super stars, Funke Akindele – who rose to unending fame after her “Jenifa” movies hit screens nationwide and Stephanie Linus, who has been a screen diva for many years, are both working on new projects.

Channels TV’s Entertainment News correspondent – Mayowa Ogundele – can confirm that the two actors are working on Reality TV shows.

Funke Akindele, who attended the Genevieve Pink Ball fundraiser over the weekend, stunned in a Jovani earth-tone dress, with pink accessories to fit the “pink” theme of the party.

Asked what fans should expect as 2014 winds down, Funke Akindele dished about her new TV series, called “Jenifa’s Diary”, which has started filming. So for fans expecting another Jenifa movie, sorry!

“The Reality Show is just in pre-production” she said, adding that fans should expect a new movie by December.

As far as we know, the movie would speak against stigmatisation of those living with HIV/AIDS.

“I’m very passionate about people not stigmatising people living with HIV/AIDS… We want to say a big no to stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS,” she said.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Linus, who had a dream location wedding in 2012 and never fails to gush about her husband, is out for young couples and wants to help them “have a fabulous time with one another”, with her own show.

If you guessed that “Make Me Fabulous” would be a great name for the show, you guessed right!

Her movie, Dry, will also go through a private screening in Wales, United Kingdom and should be released soon.

Asides that, Stephanie is working on a few movie projects, which are still under wraps, as well as a perfume line.