2015 Elections: Kwankwaso Declares Interest In Nigeria’s Presidency

The Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has declared his intention to contest in Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election, saying that his crave to serve and save … Continue reading 2015 Elections: Kwankwaso Declares Interest In Nigeria’s Presidency

Senator Kwankwaso


The Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has declared his intention to contest in Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election, saying that his crave to serve and save Nigeria motivated his declaration.

At a declaration rally held in Abuja on Tuesday, Governor Kwankwaso declared his interest to be elected as the flag bearer of the APC in the 2015 general elections.

His declaration rally had in attendance, leaders of the party and some governors of the states ruled by the APC.

Declaring his interest to run, Governor Kwankwaso said that the crowd at the declaration ground from different part of the nation was a sign that Nigeria would remain united.

‘We Must Walk The Journey’

He said that the clarion call of people in Nigeria and the diaspora motivated him to seek the opportunity to bear the flag of the APC in the 2015 general elections.

“Today, I take this call and formally declare my interest to seek for election as the APC Presidential candidate in the 2015 presidential election.

“It is only the APC that has what it takes to stop the misrule of the Peoples Democratic Party  and also has the power to reverse the decay that is suffocating our country.

“Our party is built with Nigerians in focus. We are the only party that practice internal democracy that believes that free and fair election is the only guideline to sustaining democracy.

“My crave to serve and save our country drove me to join in the race for the House of Representative, representing Kano State years ago,” he said.

Governor Kwankwaso said that he understood the enormous task of being a president of a nation like Nigeria and that he was willing to take the journey no matter how difficult.

“The call to save our country has never been louder, clearer and more unambiguous than now. Governance has been reduced to incompetence and mediocrity.

“To save our country we must walk the journey however difficult,” he said.

Restore Peace And Security

Governor kwankwaso said that his first priority would be to restore peace and security in every corner of the land, stressing that lives and property of Nigerians must be protected and secured from all forms of terrorism.

“Defeating insurgency is only possible if the forces are adequately equipped with needed intelligence and arms and cross-border intelligence is veritable ingredient necessary to defeat the insurgency.

“Stopping the menaces of the terrorists does not require rocket science. It requires well motivated security agencies and citizens that are cooperative.

Killing the cancer of corruption is the second priority of Nigeria. The impunity in which corruption is being perpetrated by the PDP administration is a sign that the government is out to impoverish Nigerians.

“It requires political will of the leadership and we are determined to do so. We have the capacity to do so. The transparency with which we are ruling Kano State and the work that is visible, is a sign that we have the power to end corruption,” he said, making reference to another issue that his government will focus on.

The Kano Governor stressed the need for all Nigerians to stand up to fight corruption, impunity and division.

Cost Of Running Government

The economy of Nigeria is another priority area that the Governor said his government, if elected, would focus on, insisting that nations do not build economy on foundation of scandalous corruption and impunity.

“We cannot be different from other nations. All sorts of colourful yet deceitful statistics are being turned out by the PDP to give Nigeria a clean bill of health.

“Its macro and micro economic policies are deceptive.

“How can we attain development when only a small part of our budget is given to capital project and even that is not well administered. Where do we have a nation so endowed and yet so impoverished.

“We will cut cost of running government and eliminate all forms of wastages like we have done in Kano. It is possible. We must reach there with the support of all. Yes we must,” Governor Kwankwaso said in optimism.

He further said that he would provide a conducive environment for both local and foreign investors and also re-examine import and export policies to promote the sector to ensure that businesses are carried out in a less expensive process.

The presidential aspirant also mentioned the inputs he intended making in the agriculture and manufacturing sector.

“Agriculture and manufacturing sectors would be improved and we will make more investments in power sector. The amount of money that has been into the power sector in the country and corresponding output is embarrassing.

“By 2015 an independent power plant built by my administration in Kano will become operational and the same feat we will replicate in different parts of the nation,” kwankwaso said.

Other sectors he said would be reformed, were the education and healthcare sectors, with promises also made as regards giving women a more prominent place in the nation.

“Our universities are sick and a strong economy is only possible where a strong university system exist. We must rebuild our universities and make them world class institutions.

“Capital flight because of health tourism is alarming because of lack of good health infrastructure,” he said, promising to end the trend.

Governor Kwankwaso is the third person to declare interest in the position.

A former military Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari and a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, had made their declarations few weeks ago.