National Assembly Fracas: Police P.R.O Insists Action Was On Intelligence Report

Channels Television  
Updated November 22, 2014

police p.r.oPublic Relations Officer, Nigerian Police, Emmanuel Ojukwu has said that the police acted on an intelligence report, that there might be disturbance by thugs and hoodlums at the National Assembly when the lawmakers reconvene.

He explained that  before the incident, there was a mini convention held by the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the Eagles Square in Abuja, and some members of the party disturbed and prevented the police from performing their duties during the convention, “which was a great assault to the Police Force”., adding that the party members said that they will ensure “they invade the National Assembly, Presidential Villa and INEC office”.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise, the police P.R.O further explained that the police was informed that thugs planned to invade the National Assembly and make it uncomfortable for the lawmakers “its the responsibility of the police to protect lives and properties”,

He noted that it was based on the intelligence report that warranted the police presence at the National Assembly.

Mr. Ojukwu referred to their presence at the National Assembly as “Operation backed by intelligence” he also added that there was no intention by the police to shut down the National Assembly but to govern the place and screen members as they were entering.

Being asked if the Nigerian Police should apologise for the embarrassment they caused Nigerians, Mr. Ojukwu said, “I see no reason why the police will have to apologise for doing its work, if something happens to the National Assembly the police will be blamed for it, what we did is just in line with the law” he stressed.