Group Asks Military To Produce Video Footage Of Progress In North-east

Channels Television  
Updated February 22, 2015

Bring Back Our Girls Protest At Nigerian Embassy- MilitaryThe Bring Back Our Girls campaigners have tasked the Nigerian military to substantiate the report of its victory in the ongoing multinational counter insurgency in the northeast, with video footage that will authenticate such reports.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja on Sunday, the group said conflicting reports and lack of evidence had often trailed the claims by the military.

The group said while it fully supports the efforts by the military and government’s renewed commitment to decimate the insurgents through the Multinational Joint Task Force, there is the need to ensure that real progress is being made to bring back peace to the north eastern part of Nigeria.

Its only 51 days less than a year since the over 200 secondary school girls in Chibok, Borno State, were abducted by members of the militant group, Boko Haram and about 300 days since the bring back our girls campaign group commenced their protest for the rescue of the girls.

Nigeria’s general elections were postponed on February 7 on account of the insurgency in the north-east, with the military announcing plans to commence a 6-week multinational offensive, to recover lost territories and decimate the insurgents.

One week after, the Bring Back Our Girls campaign group which commenced a monitoring initiative says claims of victory so far announced must be supported with evidence.

While the group lauded government’s efforts, they raised issues such as the delay in commencing this offensive and the continued suggestion from some quarters that the kidnap of the girls and the campaign for their rescue were scams.

Hopes are high on the on-going multinational counter-insurgency, especially by parents of the abducted girls who have consistently attended the meetings of the group, some who are also internally displaced.

Many of them say they look forward to going back home.