#Nigeria2015: Vote With Your Head, Not Your Heart – Aliyu

Channels Television  
Updated March 27, 2015

Umar AliyuSecurity Consultant, Captain Umar Aliyu (Rtd) on Friday called on Nigerians to vote logically and not emotionally as doing otherwise will put them at risk of falling for political propaganda.

Captain Aliyu who was a guest on Channels Television’s special 2015 election programme, Nigeria 2015, said “Go and vote with your head, not with your heart”, he warned, adding that “If you vote with your heart, you will be vulnerable to those things the politicians harp on – sentiments, emotion and what have you”.

“If you vote with your head, you’re actually going to be logical, cautious and (let me say) security conscious”.

According to him “people should understand that whichever way, whatever way, the elections are going to take a position – one of two possible outcomes and I think what parties should do is to begin to prepare their followers for the other outcome.”

Captain Aliyu also noted that most politicians across different political parties were particular about a win-win outcome, which was not possible.

“Parties would do well to begin to prepare followers for the ‘just in case it goes the other way’”.

The consultant also gave security tips to the electorate to help them stay safe while participating in the elections.

Pre-election, Aliyu advised people “to begin to pay a little more attention to their itinerary. People should begin to pay more attention to their utterances.

“People should also begin to look at trying as much as possible to put one or two things out of the way. Like posters, stickers on your vehicles. Don’t go about wearing a T shirt that is pro or anti any group, before or during the elections.

Aliyu stressed that only one candidate would emerge winner at the forthcoming Presidential election and the results may not be received well.

He also warned that although the security agencies have been deployed, citizens must take some steps to protect themselves.