VP Osinbajo Pays Sallah Homage To President Buhari

Channels Television  
Updated July 17, 2015

SallahVice President Yemi Osibajo, on Friday joined Muslim faithful resident in the Federal Capital Territory to pay Sallah homage to President Muhammadu Buhari in the Presidential Villa.

He was joined by other well meaning Nigerians including some Christian clerics, to pay homage to the President.

Muslim faithful started gathering at the residence immediately after the Eid prayers and Vice President Yemi Osibajo led them into the President’s living room.

There he said that it was important that Nigerians coexisted no matter their faith.

Wishing all Nigerians a prosperous and peaceful nation, he said; “The Almighty God who loves everyone of us so dearly wants us to live together in peace and prosperity.

“The business of government as Mr President has said so often is the protection of lives and property and to give everybody a good opportunity to live in a way that they wish and to worship God in the way that they wish.”

The President thanked the delegation for sincerely fulfilling the traditional homage and for their loyalty to the country, describing the visit as a rare privilege.

He also called for more sacrifice from Nigerians as the country is at the moment witnessing a youth population explosion.

The President captured how his security was overwhelmed at the prayer ground by a large crowd of youths who surrounded him struggling to see him.

“I had to hold tight to my gown to get to my car. I was advised to enter from the ADC’s seat, I refused. I went across and tried raise my hands to the youths who wanted to see me.

“It is only God Almighty that protects leaders because in a mob like this, anybody with a sharp knife can get access and do a lot of damage.

“All the Policemen and the soldiers that were deployed since six in the morning before I came out two hours later in the rains cannot protect you. Only God protects.

The Permanent Secretary of the FCT said that the Sallah homage has been a tradition for them, urging other parts of the country to emulate this and the peace that the Federal Capital Territory has been experiencing.

The delegation handed out some Sallah gifts to the President amid cheers.