Nigeria Blocks Recruitment By ISIS

Channels Television  
Updated August 11, 2015

ISISNigerian Immigration Service has explained why most young Nigerians were stopped from leaving the country.

Over 24,000 school leavers who had applied for visas to different countries were blocked following suspicions that they may join the militant Islamic State (ISIS)

Spokesman for Nigerian Immigration, Mr Chukwuemeka Obuah, told the BBC that for 15 months, most people were unable to embark on journeys outside the country.

He said that Nigeria is classified as a catchment area for recruiters of the militant groups because of what he calls the high number of jobless people in the country.

“The terrorist group have a syndicate that arranges visas, tickets and money for their recruits,” he said.

Many young Nigerians who leave the country with the hope of finding better jobs in Europe end up with them.

The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime estimates West African trafficking victims, many of whom come from Nigeria, to be about 10% of those forced into work in western Europe.