Fight Against Corruption Is Uncoordinated And Nonstrategic – Omolayole

Channels Television  
Updated August 18, 2015

OmolayoleA Policy Analyst says that the fight against corruption in Nigeria, is uncoordinated, nonstrategic and has no policy.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Mr Gbenga Omolayole, said that “what is happening in Nigeria is like a bull fight, the cow boy is riding a bull and the people are applauding him.

“Is it the bull that will eventually fall or the man riding it?” he asked.

The fight is like a media war. You don’t fight war on the pages of newspaper, Mr Omolayole stated while maintaining that the government must be prepared to take constructive criticism and advice.

Speaking about the need to enlighten the people in order to curb corruption, he said that there had to be a form of campaign to educate the people on corruption.

Mr Omolayole, however, addressed the issue, based on both short and long term measures.

Speaking about the short term measures, he said the judiciary must try cases of corruption via courts while the issue of immunity clause, civil service, among others must be reconsidered.

“All the short term measures that might serve as conflict to the constitution must be addressed constitutionally.

“Let us re-energise and restructure the agencies created to fight corruption so as to achieve results,” he stressed.

Speaking about the long term measures, he said: “Our constitution is designed to encourage corruption because the preamble of the constitution is untrue”.

He further said that Nigeria was not practicing true federalism and that federalism was too expensive for Nigeria.

“What I will recommend for Nigeria is the semi presidential system of government that is being practiced in France,” he concluded.