Fire At Kawasaki Steel Plant In Japan Near Haneda Airport

Channels Television  
Updated August 24, 2015

japan fire near haneda airportA large fire has broken out at a steel plant near Haneda airport, south of the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

Japanese officials said that there have been no reports of injuries.

A fire official also told a foreign news agency that the blaze started at a two-metre-tall (6.7ft) cooling tower at a factory owned by a unit of Nippon Steel.

Haneda airport is about 25km (15.5 miles) from central Tokyo. The steel plant is situated in the city of Kawasaki, which is next to the airport.

Passengers at the airport uploaded pictures of the fire on social media showing large plumes of black smoke.

One Twitter user wrote (in Japanese): “I was about to board my flight at a gate at Haneda airport when I realised many people were looking outside the window so I went over and realised there was a huge fire”.

“Our flight was delayed by 15 to 20 minutes, and the pilot said it was partly because of the fire (but no major issue).

“Because of recent news about explosions in Yokosuka and China, I started wondering if it was something similar and people were looking nervous.

“The pilot also said they received a lot of inquiries about whether there was any accident.”