Argentina To Hold Run-Off Election On November 22

Channels Television  
Updated October 26, 2015

argentinaArgentina will hold a run-off election in November, after no presidential candidate gained enough votes to out rightly win the polls.

Centre-left candidate, Daniel Scioli, led exit polls and just edged centre-right Buenos Aires mayor, Mauricio Macri, with most votes counted.

The run-off on November 22, will be the first time an Argentine election will be decided by a second round.

With 86 per cent of the votes counted, Mr. Scioli was marginally ahead with 35.9 per cent of the vote, while Mr. Macri had 35.2 per cent.

To win outright in the first round, a candidate needs 45 per cent of the vote or a minimum of 40 per cent, as well as a 10-point lead over the nearest rival.