Authorities Say Commonwealth National ID Card Is Scam

Channels Television  
Updated December 7, 2015

CommonwealthThe Nigeria High Commission in London has warned Nigerians living in the UK that the supposed National ID Card for Commonwealth Citizenship is a scam.

The Home Office in a letter to the Nigeria High Commission in London, clarified this following online reports claiming that Nigerians would be able to get Commonwealth Citizenship which gives them indefinite stay in the UK.

According to the letter, the trending story had been that “Nigerians who are in the UK illegally can class themselves as Commonwealth citizens and thereby be exempt from immigration removal from the UK”.

“I would like to clarify that this is not true and such a declaration is not a lawful barrier to enforcement action by Home Office Immigration Enforcement,” wrote Paul Wylie, who is a Director at the Home Office.

The High Commission warned that some vulnerable Nigerians have been paying to secure the ‘British Commonwealth National Card’ which he said “does not prevent an illegal migrant from being removed from the UK”.

Below is a copy of the letter.