We Do Not Carry Arms, Shiite Spokesman Says

The Acting Spokesman of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Ibrahim Musa, has insisted that the Nigerian Army is to blame for the crisis between the … Continue reading We Do Not Carry Arms, Shiite Spokesman Says


ShiiteThe Acting Spokesman of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Ibrahim Musa, has insisted that the Nigerian Army is to blame for the crisis between the Shiite sect and soldiers in Kaduna.

Mr Musa was the guest of Sunrise Daily on Channels Television where he relayed what transpired on Saturday, December 12, between members of the sect and soldiers which initially led to the killing of seven persons.

He explained that trouble started when the sect members felt uncomfortable with the presence of soldiers on a day they were having their procession, recalling that soldiers had opened fire on them in a similar situation in 2014.

“Last year the soldiers opened fire on the Muslim brothers while they were doing a Quds Day rally. So with this in mind the brothers told them that it is not proper for them to be stationed just opposite the Hosenia and they asked them to move back.

“When the soldiers who were many in number, decided to move back, then the brothers started thinking that they had gone to bring more reinforcement; that was when the crisis started.

“It was then that the Army Chief’s convoy came and the brothers were not comfortable with what might transpire. After some negotiation with both sides, they then started opening fire and killed seven people on the spot and they got passage after dispersing the brothers.

“What surprised us is when the Army Chief had passed, why should they come back and lay siege on the Hosenia? They also went to the residence of our leader, Sheik Ibrahim Zak-Kaky and this confrontation went on right from 1pm on that beautiful Saturday down till Sunday morning,” he said.

The spokesman accused the Army of killing several members of the Shiites sect and using grenades during the onslaught.

Machete Is Not A Weapon

Mr Musa also exonerated the sect members from initiating the violence that has left several people dead.

“Our Muslim brothers, right from our history in the movement for the past 40 years, it is known that we have never taken any arms, we have never attacked anybody. We are only trying to make people understand the true teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (s.a.a.w.).

“We don’t carry arms and even the soldiers confessed that they didn’t see any gun or something of that nature. They only saw catapult and other local tools like machetes,” he said debunking claims that the sect members used petrol bombs to attack the soldiers.

“We have never made any petrol bombs but machetes. Who hasn’t any machetes in his house? Machete is just what you use in cutting something that is strong. So I see no reason why machete should be termed as a weapon, machete is not a weapon.

“How can you compare a gun and a machete? It’s just ridiculous, it’s not possible, we haven’t ever used any petrol bomb throughout our 40 years in this movement, and we have never carried arms.

“So they are just trying to make it up that we are the ones who attacked them and it’s ridiculous to say we tried to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff.”

Ulterior Motives

He also accused the Army of having ulterior motives, claiming that there must have been a plan to attack the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

“If there was no ulterior motives, after the passage of the Chief of Army Staff, they might have taken us to the Police or they should call higher authorities then the matter could be discussed and we can identify what the cause of the problem was but they did not stop there. They came back encircling the Hosenia and killed thousands of people there.

“In the mortuary of the Ahmadu Bello University hospital, it was confirmed to us that about 800 corpses were there before they took them yesterday.

“If it is just a matter of passage, it is a small issue but they encircled the place and went after the Sheik, which means it has already been planned that they want to attack the whole movement itself.”