Fake Bomb Grounds Air France In Kenya

Channels Television  
Updated December 20, 2015

Air franceAn Air France passenger jet has been forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya after a fake bomb was found in a toilet.

The aircraft, a Boeing 777 was on its way from Mauritius to Paris when it was evacuated at Mombasa airport where the suspicious device was taken away for examination.

Air France Chief, Frederic Gagey, later said it was made of a cardboard box, paper and a timer.

The plane, carrying 459 passengers and 14 crew, had left Mauritius at 01:00 GMT and had been due to fly directly to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Several passengers from the flight have been questioned by Kenyan Police.

Mr Gagey told reporters that the airline would press charges against those responsible.

But he denied there had been any problem with security checks in Mauritius. He maintained that the device contained no explosives, and so would not have been detected.