Producers Explain Why Nollywood Movie, ’76, Took 7 Years To Make

Channels Television  
Updated February 9, 2016

NollywoodProducers of the movie ’76, collaborated with the Nigerian Army on the flick which was inspired by the botched military coup of 1976.

The movie, which was shot for about 6 months at various locations stars top Nollywood actors, Ramsey Nouah, Rita Dominic, Ibinabo Fiberesima and several others.

Those who acted as soldiers, including Daniel K Daniel, got military training for a month, but the young actor insists the training was to make them real soldiers as they went through the same rigorous tasks as the other men of war at the barracks.

“We did that for a whole month just to become soldiers. Not to act like soldiers but to be soldiers… They told us once you cross that gate and you get into the barracks, you are no longer a civilian, you are no longer an actor. You are a soldier and we will treat you as such”.

But this is not the reason for the 7 year production. Director of the movie, Adonija Owiriwa explained.

“We took this long because we wanted get this right… we wanted to tell the story at the same level as Hollywood story.

“This is a made in Nigeria film for the rest of the world. It is our story. We have told the story and we are very sure that the rest of the world will appreciate the story because there’s a uniqueness when you tell your own story.”