Florence Ita-Giwa Talks About Ageing Gracefully

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Updated February 22, 2016

Ita-GiwaTalking about ageing gracefully, one personality that fits into that description is Senator Florence Ita-Giwa.

The politician, popularly known as Mama Bakassi needs no introduction. Her boisterous personality at social gatherings continues to make enduring statements.

Ita-Giwa stands shoulder-high as a true definition of a cosmopolitan African woman. She bravely sojourned into politics many years back when many women would not even dream about it.

She rose through the ranks and eventually represented her people at the Federal House of Representatives and also at the Senate.

While she grew as a politician, she never abandoned her maternal responsibilities.

She is a proud mother and grandmother who extends her motherly role beyond her immediate family. This feat bagged her the informal title – Mama Bakassi, a testament of her selfless service to the Bakassi people.

The elegant lady was married to the renowned late journalist and founding Editor of Newswatch Magazine, Dele Giwa.

Metrofile got up-close and personal with the style icon who is celebrating her 70th birthday.