Bernie Sanders Wins Washington, Alaska And Hawaii

Channels Television  
Updated March 27, 2016

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders has taken a significant step towards catching up with rival Hilary Clinton, sweeping to victory in all three states that voted in the Democratic presidential primaries on Saturday.

Mr Sanders polled at least 70% in all three states, with the biggest prize being Washington state, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

After Saturday’s caucuses, Sanders still trails Mrs Clinton by 1,243 delegates to 975, although he insists his campaign now has momentum.

Mr Sanders won 73% of the vote in Washington against 27% for Mrs Clinton, 82% in Alaska, against Clinton’s 18% while in the Hawaii caucus, Mr Sanders won by 70% to 30%.

In total, Mr Sanders won 55 delegates and Mrs Clinton secured 20.

More delegates from Washington will be allocated in coming weeks.