Sex Scandal: House Challenges U.S Embassy To Come Forward With Facts

Channels Television  
Updated July 12, 2016

House-Of-Assembly-Spectrum-NCCThe House Committee Chairman on Capital Market, Rep. Yusuf Tajudeen, on Tuesday challenged the U.S Embassy to come and place their facts in the sex allegation against federal lawmakers before the House.

He said the House of Representatives is expecting the U.S Embassy to provide video evidence of the allegations made against some members.

“We want them to place their facts and confront our colleagues” he said via a phone interview on Sunrise Daily.

He also maintained that the House is convinced that the accused were never engaged in solicitation for sex act.

He further noted that “Hon (Mark) Gbillah travelled with his wife and daughter” was the one, when confronted by the U.S Ambassador to Nigeria at an event where he represented the Speaker of the House, who told the U.S Ambassador to put the allegations in writing and forward to the appropriate quarters.

Rep Tajudeen, however, wondered why the accused were not called for questioning during their two-week stay in the United States and why it took the U.S Embassy over four weeks after their (lawmakers) return to lodge the complaint.

“But we do not want to pretend we have all the facts from our colleagues. We want to assume their might be certain information they haven’t divulged and that is why this hearing will take place and it is going to be public so that if they are indeed guilty, they will have themselves to blame and the House will wash its hands off.

“But if they are not guilty, we will have an opportunity to lay to rest the allegation being paraded against black Africans”, he said.

He insisted, however, that the House does not want to go into conclusion without heating both sides of the story, and promised that the House will apply the full weight of the consequences on the accused, if the video evidence should prove them guilty.

“What we do will determine the way we are being perceived”, he said.

The United States government had raised serious allegations of sexual misconduct and attempted rape against Nigerian lawmakers.

The U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, made the allegation in a letter sent to the Speaker of House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on June 9.

The accused members are Samuel Ikon (PDP, Akwa Ibom), Mohammed Gololo (APC, Bauchi) and Mark Gbillah (APC, Benue).

The petition says they attempted to commit rape, and solicited sex from prostitutes during their recent trip to Cleveland, United States, for the International Visitor Leadership Program.

Calculated Attempt To Rubbish The National Assembly

Mr. Gbillah, said the allegation was a calculated attempt at rubbishing the National Assembly and vowed to demand compensation from the U.S. for defamation of character.

He explained that that they did not speak to park attendants, basing his argument on the ground that they did not go with cars.

Mr Ikon on his part wrote to the US ambassador in Nigeria, James Entwistle, and threatened to seek legal redress in competent courts of law both in Nigeria and the US. Reps-sex scandal

He issued the threat in a letter addressed to the ambassador, explaining that he was ill during the trip and could not have had sex due to ill-health.

He said he would have no other option but to go to court, if the ambassador failed to clear his name of the allegation, saying also that he was ill at the time of the purported incident and couldn’t have had sex in that condition.