Scout Confers Ambassador Of Messenger Of Peace Title On OOni

Scout Nigeria has conferred on the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the ambassador of Messenger of Peace in Nigeria and a member of the … Continue reading Scout Confers Ambassador Of Messenger Of Peace Title On OOni

Ooni and Scout in NigeriaScout Nigeria has conferred on the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the ambassador of Messenger of Peace in Nigeria and a member of the group’s Board of Trustees.

At an investiture programme held at the palace of the Ooni of Ife in Ile-Ife, Osun State over the weekend, the Scout group said they believed the monarch was on the same level as the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz or beyond his level, who was given the honour as the world’s Messenger of Peace, earlier this year.

They said he was worthy of the post.

True Messenger Of Peace

The group said, their belief was that in a short period, the king would also rise to the position of the world patron of the Messenger of Peace.

The President of Scout Nigeria, Folabi Shofolahan, told the monarch that the main reason he was picked, was that when he ascended the throne in 2015, he broke a 79-year long rivalry between the Ooni and the Alaafin of Oyo by paying him a courtesy visit, which typifies a true messenger of peace.

“Scouting is a game for that boy and girl that is out to build ‎them physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually and socially and make them useful to their individual community and the international world.

“It’s good to let you know Kabiyesi that worldwide we are about 40 million and our expectations is by 2023,the young side of scouting will be 100 million. And in trying to look at how we can achieve that, we have come up with different strategic plans, one of them is the preaching of the messages of peace”.

“Kabiyesi since your ascension to the throne of your father, you have done tremendously well in terms of managing peace within the Yoruba land and particularly Yoruba in diaspora.”

“You also broke the age long rivalry between your throne and the Alaafin of Oyo and that is what scouting is all about”.

“Our programme today, we call it “Messenger of Peace” ‎established by two great men – King Gustas IV of Sweden and Late King Abdulhazeez of Saudi Arabia – and we believe that we have people who are equivalent and even more than them that can foster and promote peace and that is why we are here today to decorate the ‘Kabiyesi’ (King) and confer on him, the “Ambassador of Messenger of Peace”.

“Scouting started in Nigeria in 1915 and we will do all not to let scouting die in Nigeria. We are back to the source and we will start from the source to get to other leaders”. Kabiyesi, we believe so much in your vision and we will always support you,” Mr Shofolahan stated.

Oba Ogunwusi, after he accepted the title, promised to repay the gesture with commitment to the mission he had been asked to embark on, saying he would support the group whenever he was called upon to do so.

‎In his words: “My life has been completely dedicated to service of mankind and this is one of the things that signifies service to mankind. Scouting I believe helps to extend love to one another all over the world to make others happy and I am dedicated to this course”.

“In every situation I give God all the glory and the adoration. The best way to serve God is service to mankind.

“Many do not know the difference between holiness and religion. They are two different things, when you serve mankind it is one of the commandments of God. If you serve God and Love mankind, there is no way you will steal, be covetous and kill. Love God and love your neighbour.

“This two are strong bonds. What you are doing is basically to keep the association together. It is service to mankind and you are growing eaglets, teaching them what selflessness is all about and you are doing it with fullness of joy without being paid salaries”.

He further commended their efforts and promised to be a good Ambassador and Messenger of Peace.

“Service attracted me to this group and I promise never to fail you as I reassure you of my further commitment.

“God Bless Scout Association of Nigeria and the entire world, God bless our country Nigeria and the Yoruba Race worldwide, I thank you for this honour,” he added.