AFROSAI Environmental Auditors Demand Implementation of Laws

Channels Television  
Updated September 13, 2016

Environmental Auditors, AFROSAI, ImplementationThe African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions – (AFROSAI) has called for the implementation of laws, regulations and mapped out programmes on environmental protection on the African continent.

AFROSAI believes such action would bring down the economic hardships on African citizens and its resultant increase in societal ills.

This is following the successful completion of cooperative environment audit on the drying up of Lake Chad by the AFROSAI working group on environmental auditing meeting in Abuja.

Representatives of about 54 supreme audit institutions attended the meeting.

They looked at the possibilities for a proper environmental impact re-assessment that will ensure strict monitoring and control of activities in the basin and beyond.

They also focused on the role of both the citizens and government, especially towards ensuring implementation of multilateral agreements on environment arising from environmental audits.

The Acting Auditor-General of the Federation, Ms Florence Anyanwu, said that terrorism, poverty, unemployment and increasing economic discomfort are direct effects of the failure of governments so far to implement recommendations and environmental plans of action in the continent.

She maintained that the only way to progress is to ensure implementation of the recommendations.

Talks are already ongoing for the cooperative environmental audit project on Niger by the Niger Basin Authority and the supreme audit institutions of the nine member countries.

An environmental roadmap for service delivery, sustainability needs, performance requirements and legislation are expected to follow.