Frank Donga Features In New TV Series, ‘The Condo’

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Updated October 7, 2016

Frank donga, the condo, tv seriesA new television series, ‘The Condo’ has been launched in the Nigerian film industry, featuring a crop of young vibrant actors such as Kunle Idowu, popularly known as Frank Donga.

Among the cast were veteran Nollywood actress, Binta-Ayo Mogaji, Kunle Idowu, who created the internet sensation, ‘Frank Donga’, and a couple of other young actors, who joined guests for the first official premiere.

The Condo chronicles the laid-back life of some Nigerian youths as they continued to live life just as it comes.Frank donga, the condo, tv series

Kunle Idowu played the character Jeff, a young stock broker, which is a sharp contrast from the ‘clueless Frank Donga’ personality he created on social media.

He said working with a great team of director, producer and co-actors made the project felt both seamless as well as fun.

Acting upstart Cynthia Ihebie who also participated in reality TV show Project fame, earned a major role in the TV series.

Frank donga, the condo, tv series
Cynthia Ihebie

She expressed her excitement over the opportunity to work with some of the cast, especially Kunle Idowu.

Cynthia said the drama gives youths a platform to view life from a different perspective, with an understanding that “life is not all about partying”.

The Condo is a situational comedy with an interplay that balances two different worlds of characters and how that impacts the value system of the African youth.

Frank donga, the condo, tv series
Binta-Ayo Mogaji

Binta-Ayo Mogaji considered it a privilege to have worked with a younger generation of actors on the film.

According to her, it is a win-win situation in that “they can see things you don’t see, and you can show them things they don’t”.

Describing the production process, she said the story was well scripted, hilarious, as well as exonerating.