History Back In Nigeria’s Basic Education Curriculum

Channels Television  
Updated October 22, 2016

Nigeria, Education, Adamu Adamu,The Nigerian government has re-introduced History as a subject in primary and secondary schools across the country.

The re-introduction followed the criticisms that trailed the suspension of the teaching of history in the curriculum of basic education.

In 2010, it was merged with social studies in basic education curriculum.

However, the Minister of Education, Mr Adamu Adamu, said the re-introduction had become imperative given the critical nature of history to the nation’s socio-political development.

The struggle for Nigeria’s independence was a milestone in Nigeria’s history. It is a key component of Nigeria’s nationhood and succeeding generations need to have that understanding.

Teaching these historical perspectives of Nigeria will help young ones appreciate the nation better and understand their identity, according to those involved in transferring these knowledges.

A history teacher, Samuel Ikechukwu, hailed the reintroduction, saying that young Nigerians would have been deprived the opportunity of understanding the journey of the nation and its political history if the subject was totally left out.

About six years ago, the government scrapped history as a core subject in primary and secondary schools. It was subsumed into social studies.

But the present administration believes that history, as a core subject, will help children at the earliest stage become well enlightened on the unity in diversity status of Nigeria.