Anti-Trump Protests Break Out Across American Cities

Channels Television  
Updated November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Break Out Across American CitiesThere were protests in cities across the United States on Wednesday against Republican Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election win.

This is in spite of defeated Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton having conceded and urged Americans to support President-elect, Donald trump, in ensuring sustainable development and ultimately a united America.

In New York, thousands of protesters filled streets in midtown Manhattan as they made their way to Trump Tower, Trump’s gilded home on Fifth Avenue. Hundreds of others gathered at a Manhattan park and shouted “Not my president.”

A demonstration of about 6,000 people blocked traffic in Oakland, California, police said. Protesters threw objects at police in riot gear, burned trash in the middle of an intersection, set off fireworks and smashed store front windows.

Police responded by throwing chemical irritants at the protesters, according to a Reuters witness.

In downtown Chicago, an estimated 1,800 people gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting phrases like “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA.”

Chicago police closed roads in the area, impeding the demonstrators’ path. There were no immediate reports of arrests or violence there.

“I’m just really terrified about what is happening in this country,” said 22-year-old Adriana Rizzo in Chicago, who was holding a sign that read: “Enjoy your rights while you can.”

In Seattle, police responded to a shooting with multiple victims near the scene of anti-Trump protests. Police said it was unrelated to the demonstrations.

Protesters railed against Trump’s campaign pledge to build a wall along the border with Mexico to keep immigrants from entering the United States illegally.

Hundreds also gathered in Philadelphia, Boston and Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday evening, and organizers planned rallies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oakland, California.

In Austin, the Texas capital, about 400 people marched through the streets, police said.

A representative of the Trump campaign did not respond immediately to requests for comment on the protests.

Trump in his Victory speech earlier on Wednesday, had  promised to uphold a united America and reclaim the nation’s destiny when he takes over.

He promised to be president for all Americans, saying: “It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

He also praised Clinton saying: “Hillary fought very hard. She has worked very long and hard over a long period of time. We have a sense of gratitude for her service”.

Donald Trump is set to become the 45th President of the United States as he won with 289 electoral college seats as against Clinton’s 218.

The Republican candidate won key battleground states – Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.